Konzert: Tytus//Antares//Earthsplitter

20.04.18 - 21.04.18 21:00 - 0:00

Am 20.04.2018 öffnet das ann and pat seine Pforten und Freunde des Metal werden dabei sicher nicht zu kurz kommen. Das Lineup besteht aus:

has risen in 2014 from the brains of former members of punk’n’roll/hardcore bands – Gonzales, La Piovra, Eu’s Arse
– which extensively toured Europe and USA in the previous decade, taking the underground scene by storm.
In May 2014 they released their first 7″ ep “White Lines” for three different labels: Self Destructo (USA), Ghost Highway (Spain) and Kornalcielo (Italy),
After a few line-up changes, in october 2017 their first full length “Rises” has been released by Sliptrick Records, with German talented singer / songwriter Conny Ochs and English former White Wizzard’s guitar player Will Wallner both featuring on the record
In these few years they shared the stage with the likes of Pentagram, Crowbar, Valient Thorr, Warrior Soul, Castle and Gozu, touring Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Rep. and Slovenia.

is the one and only power-trio who burst out in the middle of the ’00s from Appletown, a small town shrouded in mystery hidden amongst the Italian hills. The combo is named after the red supergiant star also known as Alpha Scorpii, the Heart of the Scorpion: sure enough, the legend says that when the three boys first started playing together, the sky turned red for three minutes.
Since the beginning, the group have been surfing through the loudest waves of Rock & Roll, touring and gigging relentlessly around the Old Continent (almost a Hundred concerts this year!), taking chances and growing strong after every low blow, like the alternation of band members, or the infamous “Worchester Sauce Incident”, where 18 people were killed by a one-eyed sniper during a hippy country fair (the police later found all the ANTARES albums and several t-shirts in the sniper’s house, and the accusations caused them to be forever banned from hippy country fairs and local radio stations).
For nearly a decade now they’ve been spilling blood, sweat and spit on every stage, kicking out their finely-crafted gems on crowds of pesky boozers, sneaky hookers and sore losers with blazing energy and cutthroat honesty. A small and unruly legion of noisy and indecent fans is always ready to wear their ANTAR
ES t-shirts and walk, drive or ride miles to go see their three friendly neighborhood rockers blasting all over the drums, shoveling the bass and making the guitar scream in a mix of ecstasy and agony, while that scratching voice on the microphone throws some heavy spice in their guts.

is a new Band from Linz with former Members of Kendra and The Camping Chair Project.
They play Thrash Metal.

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ann and pat jugendkulturbox, Linz