Konzert: DARWIN EP-Release Show // NEWTON’S LAW OF COOL

23.11.18 20:00 - 23:59

EP Release Party | Survival of the Hippest



For a long time now the scene has been brewing below the surface, gearing up for a big change.
To Darwin it was something like a primordial soup, with genres serving as the amino acids, combining to form something new and alive.
The goal was not to simply write songs but to draw from the individual preferences of the five-member collective, creating something outwith the restirctions of any one kind of sound.
The harmonious blend of acoustic and electronic music that the band is known for today, began with the fusion of genres ranging from rock to pop to drum’n’bass, dubstep, tekkno and many more.
Their unique sound was formed by taking inspiration from the heritage left behind by the greats of these genres.
Just as life was created through the unification of seemingly unmatching parts, the music created by this band whilst at its core is a mere collection of parts, transforms into a groundbreaking sound unfettered by the boundaries of the traditional concepts of genres.

Newton’s Law of Cool

Newton‘s Law of Cool are best described as an eclectic powerhouse of a Rock ‘n’ Roll duo. Equipped with nothing but two acoustic guitars and microphones, life-long friends and musical companions Philipp Panholzer & Consti Sparlinek put a new spin on songs from across the rock genre. Ranging from classic Rolling Stones tunes to pieces of modern rock bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, Newton‘s Law of Cool cover groundbreaking compositions of the genre and rearrange them with an energetic acoustic twist.

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